Online Sports Betting Culture in Korea

Online Sports Betting Culture in Korea


South Korea does not have online legal sports betting culture, but the government needs to stop its citizens from placing bets on sportsbooks from outside the country. The government estimates the illegal sports betting industry worth US$66bn in 2012. While the country hasn’t banned sports betting, the government has made exceptions to its horseracing, boat-racing, cycling, and match-fixing laws.

In the 1990s, South Korea’s gambling laws were relaxed. The government has a state-owned betting company known as SportsToto, which allows people to place bets on popular sports. However, the limits on a single wager are relatively small, which causes many South Koreans to turn to overseas bookmakers for higher limits.

While there are a few sports betting sites in South Korea, the country’s online sports betting culture has yet to gain much momentum. It was relatively unpopular in the beginning when few people had access to the internet. However, Internet censorship in the country is widespread. Some ISPs have blocked the websites of foreign online gambling operators, and financial institutions have blocked transactions with online casinos.

Although there is a legal gambling industry in South Korea, it is prohibited in North Korea. While North Koreans aren’t allowed to gamble on the internet, South Koreans can gamble in casinos and horse races. However, this is only legal if you’re visiting from another country.

However, the government is still considering the legalities of online sports betting. While the National Assembly recently approved legislation to abolish the Mandatory Shutdown System, the government is also considering a bill to improve the Selective Shutdown System. In addition to this, Korean gaming law does not distinguish between land-based and online gaming. The National Sports Foundation must license online casinos and internet cafes.

In South Korea, online sports betting has become very popular, but the laws for the industry have been a significant barrier. If you’re caught gambling online, you could face fines and prison sentences. Even if you’re a professional, there is still no legal way to operate an online casino in Korea.

Asia-Pacific regulators are also starting to appreciate the role of fantasy sports in the industry, which allows for indirect sports betting. Fantasy sports allow participants to choose from various players in a specific league and compete against other fantasy teams. These competitions can be season-long or even daily, and winning fantasy teams can win cash and other prizes.