African Restaurant Menu

African Restaurant Menu


Try a restaurant such as Balimaya in Mott Haven. It serves Ivory Coast and West African cuisines, including the national dish of Ivory Coast, athlete. You can also try Senegalese peanut stew and Guinean leaf-based sauces. This nice casual restaurant is often open 24 hours.

If you’re looking for authentic Ghanaian food, look no further than the small storefront on the Grand Concourse, known as Papaye, on the African Restaurant menu. Enish Nigerian Restaurant The menu includes dishes like goat stew in peanut butter sauce and mashed rice. Other popular dishes include Jollof rice and goat stew.

The papaya on the African Restaurant menu is available in English and is self-service. Goat kebabs are a popular choice, as are the other grilled meats on the menu. To drink, visitors can get a ginger beverage, which comes in different caps with different pungency levels. You can also order Malta Guinness, a sweet, syrupy barley drink.

Le Baobab

The Baobab is an iconic tree that grows in the equatorial Savannah region. The thick trunk stores water for thousands of years. The bark, leaves, and pulp make rope, cloth, and medicinal salves. The nutrient-rich fruit is used in crafts and is a nutritious food source. People have lived inside the trunks of baobab trees.

The menu at Le Baobab African Restaurant focuses on authentic Senegalese food. Such as a couscous salad and fried fish. The restaurant also features a healthy selection of fruit salads. Desserts include a banana and cream-filled dessert. Various coffee and tomato juice are served to accompany the delicious dishes. A great place to experience African-inspired dishes, the Baobab African Restaurant is close to Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Mosque in Harlem, Brooklyn.
Africa Kine

The menu at Africa Kine Restaurant focuses on traditional dishes from West Africa. You’ll find traditional dishes in a cozy, modest setting. However, you should call ahead to ensure you get a table. In addition, this popular West African restaurant is family-owned and operated so the price can vary according to the season.

The Africa Kine menu features African and continental dishes with the highest quality ingredients. You can choose between fried fish, sweet fries, or lamb chops. The restaurant also offers a variety of desserts. You’ll enjoy the warm and professional service at Africa Kine. The restaurant’s Facebook page has over 76 positive comments from diners.
Nomad North African Restaurant

Tagines are the most popular choice on the small souk-like menu at Nomad North African Restaurant. These hearty North African meals are prepared from scratch and come in various preparations. Several different varieties of tagines are offered here, and all are sure to satisfy any taste buds. Nomad North African Restaurant’s menu comprises both vegetarian and meat dishes. Here are a few of the dishes available:

The Nomad serves its signature baklawa for a sweet ending to your meal. This spiced lamb dish comes with a cinnamon and nutmeg sauce and is topped with prunes. Alternatively, you can order a fried triangle of honey-filled phyllo dough. The entire menu is very reasonably priced, at around $10. The service is attentive and friendly, and waitresses readily admit to nibbling on the pastilla during their shift.
Safari Harlem

Hearty East African and Somali specialties are prepared in an informal, low-key setting at the African Restaurant. Guests can enjoy hearty and nutritious dishes made with fresh ingredients. In a friendly atmosphere, the restaurant serves a wide selection of wines. A children’s menu is available. Children under 12 are free. Safari Harlem is located on 127th Street between Broadway and Columbus Circle. In the evenings, the African Restaurant serves a variety of live music performances.

If you’re looking for authentic Somali cuisine, head to the Somali restaurant in Harlem. This restaurant is the only Somali restaurant in the city. Though table service isn’t offered, the food is excellent. Roti wraps with a mango sauce are delicious and contrast well with the yogurt. Mango juice is refreshing and fresh. The Somali restaurant is located on a busy block in Harlem. You’ll find a wide selection of Somali cuisine and a variety of alcoholic beverages.